December Nevins Newsletter

Happy Holidays!!!

Happy Holidays! This is the time of year I especially look forward to being here at Nevins! Every day is a celebration, but as the holidays approach it always brings a smile to my face seeing the excitement and joy come out of everyone.


I think highlighting our current employment and opportunities that Nevins has established is appropriate for me to bring to everyone’s attention. Over the past year our Supported Employment Program has had significant growth. Jonathan Martin and his staff have worked very hard finding successful employment in the community for our individuals we serve, and Natasha Young also deserves credit for successfully implementing the clinical  justification for these services to be approved. The growth of this program is not attributed to any one person, but to the trust and loyalty that  families and guardians have in the mission that we serve. At this time the following employers/partnerships for individuals that Nevins has success mentoring for employment are: Metro PCS, Myers Park Country Club, McDonalds, Harris Teeter, Charlotte Hounds, Carowinds, CMC Main and Mercy Hospitals, Bojangles, Home Depot, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, and Dollar Tree. Thank you to all employers that have been instrumental in creating opportunities and making a difference in these individuals lives.

Unfortunately, we say good bye to another employee.  Mae Watkins has been employed with Nevins for twenty eight years, and has decided to retire. Mae’s last day was October 31st, and she simply states “I plan on enjoying my retirement”. Mae certainly will miss all the individual lives she has had an impact on, and indicated that she won’t be a stranger to visiting the Nevins Center. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors!


I wish everyone a safe and Happy Holiday!  Adam Lawlor

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