Happy New Year Nevins’ Newsletter

Happy New Year! I hope every-one had a wonderful holiday season, and that the spirit of the New Year is with all of us! I look forward to celebrating 2018 with everyone, and I look for-ward to more growth and im-provement of our services. With that being said, we will be send-ing out our survey in the near future, please be looking out for it. Also, with considerable inter-est, we will be adding an addi-tional day to our Art Therapy Program in the month of Janu-ary. We have many ideas that we are discussing to continue helping our individuals lead a fulfilling life.. Stay tuned!
We had another milestone in December. Christine White has retired after 20+ years with
Nevins. Chris started out as a CPCC instructor here at the Nevins Center 18

years ago, but up to recently was in-structing an Enrichment Class on Fridays. Chris will finish out the Spring Semester at the CPCC location, but will not return to Nevins. Chris will spend more time with her husband and traveling now that she has a three day weekend. However, she will always be welcome here at Nevins.
Nevins would like to welcome our new Enrichment Teacher, Julia Harris. 

Nevins would like to welcome Kimberly Hailey as the new Program Manager for Clinical Services. Kim brings 13 years of experience working within the Social Services arena. Originally she is from Atlanta, Georgia and has been in Charlotte for 4 years. She is a graduate of Dillard University in New Orleans, Louisiana and is currently working on her Master’s Degree. Welcome to the Nevins family Kim and Happy New Year everyone! – Adam Lawlor

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