Happy New Year, Happy January Newsletter

jan-17-newsletter-picHappy New Year! I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season.

The new year for Nevins will certainly bring more opportunities and success for Nevins! The holiday season was special at Nevins and highlighted our partners in the community as we celebrated the season. Much appreciation is shared with the following, Bank of America, Charlotte Latin High School, the Nevins Board of Directors, and the Nevins staff for hosting  and helping our events be become a success.

In 2016 Nevins has grown significantly and have had many achievements. Nevins successfully acquired CARF accreditation for three years this summer, and the credit is due to our staff and individuals we support. Nevins was able to demonstrate that our commitment to offering programs and services are measurable, accountable, and of the highest quality! We introduced Music Therapy as well as Art therapy programs to our individuals and we continue to expand our employment opportunities with Carolina Healthcare System, McDonalds, and Staples.

We were also able to contribute to another non-profit program, Families Doing Time.  This program supports children impacted by incarceration.  Nevins staff donated enough money and food items to pack 13 boxes, each containing  a turkey and all the trimmings so that 13 families could prepare a holiday meal.  There were big smiles all around!

jan-17-newsletter-captureI look forward to a very promising 2017 with everyone and our plans include continued expansion of services and program development, the ongoing facility improvements and more community outreach.

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December 2016 Newsletter!

Happy Holidays!capture-dec-16-pic
We will continue to celebrate the great things happening here at Nevins through the rest of the year . I want to personally invite everyone to our Holiday Concert that will be held on Thursday, December 22nd. Invitations will be sent out soon. Ashley has been working very hard creating a program that will include our Chimes Chorus, and Holiday carols with tunes from our donated piano. It should be a joyous occasion for all! We will have our Community Store open as well for the event.
Congratulations to Jonathan Martin for making his vision come true. Nevins now has a fully operational store that has plenty to offer, and is operated daily to fulfill some training aspects for the individuals we support. Thcapture-dec-16-covere artwork on the walls of the store was completed by some of our individuals that participate in our Art Therapy program. A big thank you to Jax!
Nevins annual Holiday Charlotte Latin dance will be held on December 15th. Charlotte Latin School has continued to maintain their long term commit-ment to Nevins through continued support of our mission. Nevins would like to thank C.W. Stacks for his passion and leadership he has with his students to accommodate Nevins participants on such a wonderful event. C. W. will be retiring from Charlotte Latin High School this year and will no longer be our liaison. Nevins would like to wish C. W. all the best of luck in his future en-deavors! Nevins will be sending home invitations to all participants, and all past and current participants are welcome to attend.
Thank you again to all.. And again I wish everyone Happy Holidays and a happy and safe New Year!

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Nevins November Newsletter

New Programs, New Opportunities!

As we continue to grow we continue to develop more programs. Our Music Therapy classes are prepping and rehearsing for our Christmas Show and we now have Art Therapy.    nov16-pic-capture

Nevins would like to welcome Jax Jackson. Jax is a freelance artist based out of Charlotte, NC. He experiments with many art forms but primarily focuses on canvas paintings. His canvas pieces are purely abstract and use geometric forms to symbolize his unique perspective on life. He is a University of North Carolina – Charlotte graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Social Work.

I would like to recognize some recent donors: Danny and Carol Collins for their donation of the piano and auto-harp; Linda Manning for her donated fish tank; Jax Jackson for donating art items and his overall time spent with our individuals; Tom Gottcent for his tireless efforts getting us donations; Greg Brown; UNC Charlotte; University of Tennessee alumni and our generous families.

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Nevins October Newsletter is here!

nevins-capture-oct16As we move into Autumn we have several events ahead of us. Everything from fun to educational! We have our annual Fall Festival on the calendar for Friday, October 7th. and our Breast Cancer/Downs Syndrome Awareness day later on in the month of October.

Moving forward into this year Nevins has partnecover-capture-oct16red with Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Department. Nevins’ trained instructors and advocates will work with the Sheriff’s Depart-ment to help them understand the differences and signs for someone that has an intellectu-al/developmental disability.

The Nevins Yearbook is returning and that means we have scheduled picture days, so check the calendar and come ready to get your photo taken.  We are very happy to bring back this tradition from years ago as a great way to showcase our wonderful participants and staff.

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September Newsletter is Here!

We are wrapping up another busy, but very successful, summer and looking forward to some cooler weather.September 2016 pic

CARF International has announced that Nevins, Inc. has been accredited for three years for its Community Employment Services in Job Development and Employment Supports, Governance and Community Integration Programs. Nevins continues to maintain and improve its standard of care through the CARF independent review process and has maintained continuous accreditation status since 2001.

This accreditation decision represents the highest level of accreditation that can be awarded to an organization and shows the organization’s substantial conformance to the CARF standards. An organization receiving a Three-Year Accreditation has put itself through a rigorous peer review process. Nevins has demonstrated to a team of surveyors, during an on-site visit, its commitment to offering programs and services that are measurable, accountable and of the highest quality. I would like to thank all staff, parents, families, guardians and board members for your commitment and consistent efforts to improve the quality of services Nevins provides, as well as the loyalty to the focus of the Nevins mission.

Please come and support our neighbor the Statesville Avenue Presbyterian Church for their 4th Annual Fall Festival and Health Fair on Saturday September, 24th from 10am-2pm @ 3435 Nevin Rd, Charlotte, NC 28269. This event is free and open to the public. Dental Screening, BMI Screening, Blood Pressure Screening, Family Photos-Lifetouch. Our Nevins Music Program will also be performing at the event.   ? Thank you!

September 2016 cover

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August Newsletter is Here!

We are continuing the tradition of growth that we have established in the past few years through innovation and commitment to our mission: that all individuals deserve the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential through employment and community involvement. Cover Aug 16 Capture

We are excited to announce our enrollment is up over 15% in the last 12 months with all of our programs showing growth, and I want to thank the families and guardians for their continued trust and loyalty of the quality services that Nevins provides.

I do want to call special attention to the efforts of all that participated or contributed to the St. Anthony’s Festa Italiana Charlotte which benefits Nevins annually.  With your help, the Corky Building received a new roof in 2015.

Our goals for this year are meant to build on the successes we had last year and will be supported by donor contributions.  Some of those goals are:

Þ Continue to grow the number of individuals through program expansion and development.

Þ Ongoing facility maintenance including a new roof for the cafeteria.

Þ Develop new employment opportunities through private sector collaboration.

Þ Achieve National CARF Reaccreditation.

We are confident that this year will be as successful as last.  If you are in a position to assist with any of these goals we look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you!

Adam Lawlor

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July Nevins Newsletter

Happy 4th of July

As we close the books for our 2015 fiscal year, I would like to reflect on some positive outcomes we have created here at Nevins. I would also like to recognize those who have been instrumental with helping it be successful. Last fall we began a new partnership with CMC Mercy in the Medical Equipment and Sterilization Services. This coincides with our current supports we have with CMC Main. This opportunity has not only been growth, but also added employment opportunity for individuals Nevins supports as well as additional job coaches and staff. These opportunities fall under the leadership of Linda Moore and cover CaptureBrad Wallace who have successfully led both CMC Mercy and CMC Main throughout the year.  I would like to thank Lana Haecherl for her continued advocacy towards the mission of Nevins and suggesting Nevins to lead the Mercy program. Lana continues to manage the CMC side for Main and Mercy.

Nevins has also partnered with Staples Distribution in 2015-2016. Staples approached Nevins in late winter to utilize our expertise that we have with environmental services, bagging liquids, and overall packaging bulk items. We have been able to build a successful team under the leadership of Jonathan Martin and the management for Staples, Lionel Marrero and Deb Wheeler. Lionel and Deb have led employment programs that support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities at other Staples distribution sites across the country. We are very happy that they have recognized that Nevins is the leading innovator for supported employment and job training in the Charlotte area.

Pic capAt the end of this fiscal year our enrollment is up over 15% for Innovations, B-3 and our Abilities and Possibilities programs. This is tremendous growth for Nevins, and as we move forward July 1 we renew our commitment to create more opportunities and continued success in our community.

Thank you again to everyone, including our Board Directors, Stakeholders, Staff and Families!

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June Newsletter is here!

We end the month of May with great success at our Annual Festa Italiana fun

June cover capture

draiser that was held on May 22nd at the beautiful Queens College Courtyard. The temperature was perfect for enjoying the best Italian food served in Charlotte. Thank you to Dr. Voci for his 11th year commitment putting in hard work organizing such a wonderful event to benefit Nevins! Thank you to all the volunteers Dr. Voci organized, as well as the Nevins staff that came out and supported our mission and worked hard to help make it a successful day.

June will see the us kick off the great Camp Nevins Program for the 3rd year and of course Harley Day download the whole newsletter for these and more great news from Nevins!

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Nevins May Newsletter!

Festa Italiana coming soon and a great Spring Fling!

We look forward to seeing everyone at the 2016 Festa Italiana that will be held on May cover capture May1622nd at Queens University. We are excited to showcase our new Chimes Choir that is under the guidance of our new Music Therapist as well as our Music Choir. We will be needing some volunteers throughout the day to help us out. A sign-up sheet will be posted in the main office.  Tickets and Tables are available at festaitalianacharlotte.org we would love to see our Nevins supporters come out for what has become our biggest fundraiser.
April has definitely proven to be our busiest month for 2016! With warmer weather and more activities it has been a wonderful and productive time of year.
We held our annual Spring Fling on April 16th and we recognized several individuals. We would like to congratulate Jonathan Martin for receiving the Melanie Lester Employee of the Year Award.  Bob King received the Bridget Murphy Patron of the Year Award. Flisha Stancil, Jonathan Martin, Linda Moore, Delores Miller and Patrice Baldwin recognized their own individuals with well- deserved certificates of appreciation for their continued commitment.
Nevins dedicated two of our classrooms to Myra Robinson and Chris White. They have a combined forty years of service through Central Piedmont Community College here on our Nevins campus, instructing classes to our individuals on a daily basis with reading comprehension, writing, math and computer skills. Thank you all for your hard work, dedication and commitment to the Nevins mission.

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April Newsletter!

Spring is here, and with this beautiful weather comes more opportunities and a new member to our Board of Directors. April cover Capture
Nevins has started a new partnership with Staples. I would like to congratulate Jonathan Martin who will be the Lead Supervisor/Liaison for Nevins. He will supervise a team of Nevins participants  and staff with day to day duties at the two Staples distribution annex’s. Our individuals will be responsible for packaging, taping, bagging liquids, environmental services, as well as labeling boxes and some loading of trucks. We look forward to making this a long term relationship and I am confident that Jonathan will be successful. Thank you again to Staples for trusting Nevins’ long history with long term supported employment. With Jonathan leaving his previous lead position at Carolina’s Medical Center, it left a very important void that needed to be filled.  I would like to congratulate Brad Wallace who has been promoted to Team Lead. Brad has been working with our CHS partnership and has proven that he is deserving of this new responsibility.
Nevins would like to welcome Janice Fadula as the newest member to our Board of Directors. Janice is an experienced financial and accounting professional and consultant with both a Master’s degree in Accounting and MBA, CPA and 15 years of public company experience with leading financial services and energy firms. Janice is a Manager with Midtown Consulting Group and serves in data research/analysis and project and change management roles with clients including TIAA-CREFF, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Discovery Place. Janice has also filled the vacant Treasurer role on the Nevins board. We look forward to Janice bringing a lot of enthusiasm and ideas that will continue to support our mission. Welcome Janice!
This April 16th from 11—2 we will be holding our Nevins Spring Fling Reunion, we are asking all past participants, staff, and volunteers to come out for a Saturday of fun, Please RSVP By calling 704-596-1372!        –  Adam Lawlor

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