The Nevins Core Values and Mission, Fall Festival Oct. 3

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What a wonderful end to a great summer! Our Nevins summer camp was an awesome success partnered with our Abilities and Possibilities Program. Thank you to Natasha Young and her staff and volunteers for providing a wonderful experience to all of the individuals that attended. We look forward to next summer! Our commitment to providing quality services and customer service continues to benefit our mission we
serve here at Nevins. We are growing and we welcome new and past participants
back to Nevins. I give credit to all the staff that is out there promoting our core
values and mission. Nevins continued guiding principles are innovation and vision,
integrity and trust, respect for all people, individualism and unlimited potential, and I
thank everyone that carries on our vision.

Our partnership with Carolina’s Medical Center is a positive example on how we successfully employ program participants with disabilities. Our individuals are entitled to equal pay and other forms of compensation as well as job assignments, classifications, organizational structures, position descriptions and lines of progression.

On Friday, October 3rd we will welcome fall with our Fall Festival. From 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm come back to Nevins to kick off Autumn with music, dancing and fun. This event is open to guests and the community so invite friends and family. We have a lot of other events and exciting program opportunities in the future. Stay tuned!
? Adam Lawlor

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August Employee of the Month! Carol Forston Harris

Congratulations to Carol Forston the Nevins August Employee of the Month! Carol has been with Nevins since Oct. 2014 . . . almost a year. She is a Charlotte native with two children, Achley 23 & Gevonnie II 10 and recently married Gevonnie Harris. Carol has a son with Down Syndrome and because of this has developed a passion for working with others who have similar disabilities. She enjoys working for Nevins and  wants to continue to learn .

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Growth at Nevins and

It has been a very busy time for Nevins this summer. Our summer camp partnered with our Abilities and Possibilities program have been going strong, and we continue to grow in our Innovations Day and Employment programs as well. I am very pleased and proud of everyone that continues to make Nevins a positive place to be that enriches the individuals lives that we serve. Thank you to the solid management team that continues to provide leadership and guidance to our front line staff!We continue to receive encouraging feedback from family members, friends and longtime supporters of Nevins. In contrast to where we have been in the past, Nevins faces increased competition among organizations that provide similar services to developmentally disabled adults in Mecklenburg County. I firmly believe, as do all the Nevins Staff, that no one does it as well as Nevins ,and we are committed to maintaining our position as a leading service provider. With all those accomplishments I am most proud to say that we are providing services to 14% more individuals than last year. That means that 14% more individuals are receiving high quality person?centered education, training and care, and helping them live more fulfilled lives. Lets take this opportunity to get the word out that Nevins is growing and back to innovating new programs and services to better meet the needs of the developmentally disabled community.  Since we all are a part of this community share your story of Nevins with somebody along with a brochure(available in the Admin office.) You never know when you might help make the connection to somebody who needs our help or who can help us.

Learn more in our Newsletter Here.

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July Employee of the Month, Abdul Lusack!

Congratulations to Abdul Lusack for the Nevins July Employee of the Month! Abdul has been with the Nevins family for over a year. Abdul went from working with teenagers to now working with the adult population where he feels this is where his passion and calling is. Abdul says, “I do enjoy working with the individuals that Nevins serves and helping them work on different skill sets and becoming more independent with their daily lives and decision making, we also have great staff and a wonderful management team, and I like the fact that management has an open door policy that makes us all feel appreciated and comfortable for us to approach for advice and suggestions to make our jobs more fulfilling”.  Congrats Abdul!

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July Newsletter available!

Happy New Fiscal Year!   Summer is officially here and it has brought on some hot weather! We are closing the books on a successful year and we are continuing to make strides to improve and add to our overall services.  . . .  For more read the Newsletter here.

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June Employee of the Month, Mark West!

Mark West

Mark West Nevins june Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Mark West, Nevins Employee of the Month for July. “I’ve been with the Nevins organization for 3 years. I really enjoy the family atmosphere and the spiritual and therapeutic relationships between staff and consumers. This has left a lasting impression I  will remember for a lifetime. I thank you for the opportunity to be a part of such a historical and phenomenal organization.”  Thank you for the great service Mark.

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Looking forward to Camp Nevins and Harley Day!

May has turned out to be a busy time for all of us here at Nevins. The 9th Annual St Anthony’s Festa Italiana was held on Sunday May 18th , and all the proceeds go the Nevins Center. You couldn’t ask for a better day and the best food that Charlotte has to offer. This year the goal is to utilize the funds to purchase a handicap accessible van for our individuals we support.  I am pretty confident that we are going to meet that goal! A big thank you goes out to Dr. Voci, and the St.Anthony’s Foundation to for not only what he continues to do for Nevins, but also within the community. Thank you to all the Nevins staff that came out to our event and volunteered for a shift.

Moving forward we look forward to a busy summer. Nevins will be introducing “Camp Nevins” with a camp theme this summer for

the individuals we support in our Abilities and Possibilities program. We have had a lot of interest and look forward to providing a fun and structured program to new and current individuals.

Also, SAVE THE DATE! June14th is our annual Harley Day.For those who are not familiar, the Charlotte H.O.G Chapter #3456 was founded in 1986 and the Nevins HarleyDay was one of their first charity events. Participants will have the opportunity to ride on the back of a Harley Davidson motorcycle and visit with members from Charlotte’s Harley Davidson owners, with lunch provided. Be at Nevins at 10 am to see the arrival of all the HOGs. I hope to see you all here!

- Adam Lawlor

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May Employee of the Month! Yvette Cousins

Congratulations to Yvette Cousins our May Employee of the Month! Yvette has been a part of the Nevins family since October 2013. Yvette is a strong dedicated worker and is an excellent problem solver that is committed to going beyond the call of duty. Yvette has a dual role here at Nevins. She provides services two days a week in the day program here at Nevins, and the other three she works at Carolina Medical Center with her individual in our employment services group. Yvette has a sincere passion for the individuals we serve here at Nevins, and really appreciates making a difference in their lives.

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Cardinal Innovations is here and so is the FESTA!

The transition from MeckLink to Cardinal Innovations has gone into effect April 1. We look forward as an organization to continue to provide quality care and services to our individuals we support. As we move forward, we will continue to meet individuals and families through Cardinal Innovations that are involved with the measurable services that are provided. Please introduce yourself and make anyone feel welcome to The Nevins Center when coming through our doors. Without a doubt, I know that you all will.

Our Spring Fling was a great success! A big thank you goes out to Phil Gussman for organizing and coordinating such a great event. If you have not met Phil on campus please feel free to introduce yourself to him. He is making a lot of noise in the community for us.  Thank you to our boa

rd of directors that ran the grill, and donated items for our event. Also, thank you to Lakendra Sims for having the marching band kick things off for the day. It really set the tone for a wonderful day! Congratulations goes to Mary Killough for our 2013 Nevins Melanie Lester Employee of the Year, and to Lana Haecherl for our 2013 Nevins Bridget Murphy Patron of the Year.

Mary Killough, 2013 Nevins Melanie Lester Employee of the Year

Lana Haecherl, 2013 Nevins Bridget Murphy Patron of the Year










We have a number of exciting things going on this month in the community, first Nevins is participating in it’s first online fundraising campaign Give Local Charlotte where we hope to raise $1000 on May 6th please check out and tell your friends to help make our first online campaign a success.

Festa Italiana is on May 18th this is the 9th year the Saint Anthony Foundation has held the event in support of the Nevins Mission and it looks like it will be the best one yet learn more about the event at

- Adam Lawlor


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April Employee of the Month Glendalyn Jeffers!

Congratulations to Glendalyn Jeffers! She is recognized as Nevins Employee of the Month for April. Glendalyn has been with Nevins for over 20 years and she continues to demonstrate passion and dedication for the participants we serve. She is often the first staff in the building and almost always the last to leave. Her ability to build and maintain rapport with staff and participants is admirable. Thank you Glendalyn for all you do!


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